What is the purpose and processing method of Thai rich visa?

Author:Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm Date:2013-09-21

First, notice:

1. Those who have criminal records in Thailand can not be dealt with

2. Those wanted by Interpol cannot be dealt with

3. Can work, but can not apply for a work permit

Thailand elite visa is a Thai rich visa. Applicants should be over 20 years old. Like Thai citizens, they can stay in Thailand for a long time. The handler can get Thai special visa for up to 20 years. During this period, they can travel to and from Thailand many times. According to the processing fees, they can also get additional services for 5 years, 10 years and 20 years. With a Thai elite visa, you can stay in Thailand for up to one year at a time. You can enjoy a special fast track for entry and exit and a series of Thai state guests' courtesies

Unlimited times in Thailand's major international airports access to enjoy VIP express channel

Free shuttle service for many times

Unlimited free airport VIP Lounge

Shopping discounts in major shopping malls

Elite Member multilingual customer service center

Government assistance services

The visa has an opportunity to transfer to others within the validity period, but there is an additional 20% handling charge.

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Next, the general process is as follows:

Arrive in Thailand with a landing visa or a tourist visa - submit your passport for examination - and write down your information for application.


There are actually five sub items for foreign applicants to choose from.

Diamond 20-year EUP, platinum 20-year ESE, platinum 10-year EPA, rose 10-year EFA, platinum

Each of the five-year EEA has its own level, that is, the benefits are not the same, and some need to pay an annual fee. It depends on the type of choice.

The above-mentioned elite visa types in Thailand can be roughly divided into 5-year, 10-year and 20-year long-term residence qualifications

1. 5-year wealthy visa (single person and family plan).

2. 10-year rich visa (family ordinary and luxury).

3. The 20-year rich visa (regular and DELUXE).

The specific process of Thailand rich visa application:

1. Data collection: select the application period, prepare passport, photo and Thai elite visa application form;

Submit the application to the Immigration Bureau for approval within 2 working days;

3. Investment: after the approval, invest in the investment account in the approval letter according to the selected investment plan (the investment will be completed within 3 months after the approval);

4. Receive the welcome letter: 2-4 working days to confirm the arrival of the account (if there is a transfer bank, it will delay the arrival time, and the specific time shall be subject to the bank's receipt), 3-5 working days after the confirmation of the arrival of the account, receive welcome letter, and know the privileges and notes for labeling;

5. Login and tagging: make an appointment for the login reception service 5 working days in advance, and make an appointment for the tagging service

For different groups of people, Thailand rich visa can play a different role. When used alone, it can help you bypass the immigration barriers of Thailand, stay in Thailand for a long time, and enjoy a variety of privileges and courtesies; handle the tax number of Thailand, you can open an overseas account, and reasonably allocate assets; with the passport of other countries, you can use Thailand as a high-quality "transit" station, and activate the white passport.

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