How to buy a house in Thailand?

Author:Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm Date:2015-12-30

First, it is explained that the most concerned loan aspect of buying houses in Thailand is that local banks in Thailand generally do not lend loans to foreigners to buy houses, only a few banks and financial companies approve loans to foreigners, and the amount generally does not exceed 50% of the total housing price (this data combines the previous cooperation with a local bank in Thailand and the fund of a large group of Thai banks Financial company), a small number of the qualified buyers can get more than 50% of the loans, which requires certain contacts and channels to obtain the trust of local banks.

Then, the general process of buying a house in Thailand is: to see the house, to deliver the deposit, to sign a contract, to send money, to the bank to issue a remittance certificate and check, the buyer takes his passport and bank remittance certificate and check to the land hall to handle the transfer.

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If there is any risk, it is suggested to consult the professional legal counsel, hire lawyers to intervene, and make careful choices from the professional perspective, the risk identification perspective and its own economic conditions. Looking for a broker familiar with local real estate, but also abandon the inertia of domestic speculation.

There are two ways foreigners buy real estate in Thailand

1、 Purchase of permanent property rights for Thai Apartments

Thai law stipulates that foreigners can purchase apartments in their own name with passports, have permanent property rights and are protected by Thai law, but they cannot buy real estate with land such as villas and taohao. Foreigners have the same rights and interests as Thai people when they buy apartments. In addition, Thai law also stipulates that the share of foreigners in each apartment shall not exceed 49 per cent of the total apartment.

2、 Open a company in Thailand and legally purchase land and villa in the name of the company

Foreigners can also purchase villa or land in Thailand and have permanent property rights. However, it is required to have permanent property rights for villa by registered Thai company. Thai law stipulates that at least 3 shareholders of Sino Thai joint venture company are registered, at least one of them is Thai, and shareholders of Thai nationality hold at least 51% of shares, and foreigners can hold 49% of shares at most. The procedure of registering Sino Thai joint venture company in Thailand is simple and the cost is low. Moreover, the registrant will have absolute control over the company. The registrant will be the legal representative of Thailand company, and the legal representative has the final decision power on the financial, equity and personnel distribution of the company. The company does not need to operate in the future, only to the professional accounting company to pay taxes on time to the organization every month. For decades foreigners have owned most of Thailand's villas and land in this way, and there have never been any cases of property rights problems. Most importantly, a reputable lawyer is hired to ensure that foreign buyers have absolute control over the company and its assets.

Thailand has no "property tax" so the cost of holding is low. The tax on buying a house is about 1.5% of the house price, of which the transfer fee is 2% of the house price (half of the price paid by both parties); and 0.5% of the stamp duty is also included.

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