Help: what did you do when you bought a house in Thailand?

Author:Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm Date:2020-03-31

In recent years, investment in buying a house in Thailand has become an upsurge, but cases of fraud also emerge in endlessly. If you encounter such legal disputes, you must immediately seek the assistance of lawyers and report to the police, so as to reflect the situation clearly and prevent things from going bad due to too long delay.

MDR accounting law firm can assist clients in dealing with real estate related disputes. We have professional real estate lawyers who can provide you with relevant legal opinions. We can use legal means to reasonably solve the disputes and protect the rights and interests of clients. If you are facing loss and fraud cases, do not hesitate to contact us immediately for professional legal advice.

When buying a house in Thailand, do not invest blindly. Some intermediary companies often set up various traps to make investors suffer losses by taking advantage of investors' ignorance of foreign policies, language barrier, poor communication of overseas information and difficulties in safeguarding their rights. For example: the contract trap, the black intermediary, the price increase sale, the Charter trap, the loan misunderstanding, the house source is not guaranteed, the transaction has "the insider", one does not pay attention, will lose money, even faces the legal responsibility.

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Before buying a house in Thailand, we must have a clear understanding of the real estate and developers, otherwise we may face legal risks.

·Understand the system and laws of foreigners buying houses in Thailand

·We must confirm whether the real estate and developer information is true

·Understand whether the intermediary background is compliant, not credulous, careful real estate intermediary fraud, when investors encounter black intermediary, the case of buying a house will happen from time to time.

·In strict accordance with the formal rules of procedure, there are often loopholes in the shortcut, and do not rush to make money before signing the final contract, so as to avoid losses.

·Carefully review the terms and conditions of the contract, and specify the time and responsibilities of both parties in the contract.

At present, the real estate agency is in chaos. In addition to the above points, MDR accounting law firm suggests that we must make a field investigation before buying a house, to determine whether the real estate as introduced by the agency is authentic, and to fully understand the setting and surrounding environment of the purchased house. And understand the local real estate market, prevent the intermediary layer by layer price increase, concealment and fraud.

Real estate transfer is also a particularly important link in the process of buying a house. MDR accounting law firm can provide a complete set of legal transfer schemes to prevent risks and reduce the occurrence of disputes afterwards. It can provide detailed services such as professional legal consultation of real estate transfer, real estate due diligence, and lawyer's accompanying review of contract terms. In the face of the complicated situation of overseas real estate, MDR accounting law firm will provide you with real estate in Thailand!

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