About planning to run a hotel in Thailand?

Author:Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm Date:2014-05-19

1. What procedures do you need to go through to open a hotel in Thailand?

First of all, you need to choose a place to open a shop in Thailand. Then you need to register a company, find Thai shareholders and legal persons, and apply for a hotel business license before decoration. Apply for visa and work permit.

2. How to register a company?

Thai land and villas can not be purchased directly by foreigners. Therefore, when foreigners want to buy a house or a piece of land, they can only choose one of the following three ways:

① Find a Thai citizen and use his name (for example, marry a Thai citizen). In this way, you can always use the house or land as long as you don't break up with a Thai partner. But in this way, you will never be the owner of the house or the land. Your Thai partner is.

② Renting land or a house usually lasts up to 30 years and can be renewed. A 30-year lease does not allow you to own the property, but you can control the property for at least 30 years. And you can go on for another one or two 30 years. However, the renewal also depends on the wishes of the owners, and it is difficult for you to renew the new 30 years legally and automatically.

③ Register a Thai company to buy land with permanent property rights in the name of the company, and then use it to build hotels.

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3. Is it difficult to register a company?

There are two types of companies registered in Thailand:

1. According to Thai law, at least three shareholders of a joint venture must hold 51% of the shares held by Thai shareholders. These shareholders can find or find an agency to help you. As a legal person of the company, you hold 49% of the shares of the company and have the sole right to sign the company. You need to provide a copy of your personal passport, sign a few words, and provide documents related to the registered company. The whole process is ordinary It can be finished in a month.

2. To apply for boi ex gratia company, you own 100% of the shares, but the procedures are cumbersome, and you need at least 10 million to 200 million baht of registration cost, and you need to wait at least three months or longer to review.

After registering the company, put the house in the name of the company. The company grants you the right of abode. Even if you are a small shareholder, as a director, you can find a way to arrange more voting rights. However, you still can't own the property rights (owned by the company), and your shareholding can only be maintained below 49% to ensure that the company is still a limited company in Thailand. If the company owns the property, you still have less than 39%.

What other procedures do you need to go through?

3. After reporting to the relevant land department and approval, decoration can be started

4. It needs to apply for business license, industry license and other certificates to start business. It's troublesome to apply for special industry license. There are scale requirements, bed requirements, area requirements of each room, and security patrol duty at night.

5. At the same time, you have to get a work visa and work permit. It is illegal to work in Thailand without a work visa for one year.

4. What else should we pay attention to?

We must pay attention to: after the establishment of the company, we need to declare tax, even if we declare 0 (knock on the blackboard, remember!) In addition, the tax authorities require monthly accounting and tax return, even if there is no income and expenditure, zero tax return is required.

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