What are the procedures, methods, costs and details of visa processing for the elderly in Thailand?

Author:Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm Date:2013-03-10

Now many old people like to go to Thailand to provide for the aged. The Thai government has very broad conditions for applying for a visa for the aged in Thailand. The basic requirements are as follows: the age should be over 50 years old and there should be at least 800000 baht in the deposit account, or there should be at least 65000 baht in pension income every month. The endowment visa can stay for 15 months for the first time, which is one visa for one year, and can be renewed indefinitely. If the endowment visa is renewed within the validity period, the holder can freely enter and leave Thailand for many times, and the funds in the endowment visa will not be frozen. After the endowment visa is completed, the 800000 baht in the bank account can be withdrawn at any time for other purposes.

The general process is as follows:

1. Prepare the certificate of no crime (valid for 3 months), take the ID card and household register, and go to the place where the household register is located to issue the certificate of no crime. After opening, get the agency that can handle the foreign notarization, and go to handle the foreign notarization and double authentication of the Ministry of foreign affairs and the embassy. Notarization needs to be translated into Thai. The Thai Embassy only recognizes Thai documents. The whole process takes about two weeks.

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2. Open an account in a local bank in Thailand and deposit 800000 baht into the account

3. To Thailand hospital medical certificate (valid for 3 months), and notarized in the notary office.

4. Submit the information to the Immigration Department of Thailand for review

5. Thailand pension visa issued

6. In order to confirm whether you still live in Thailand, you need to report to the immigration office every 90 days

3. Apply for business visa

Materials prepared in foreign countries:

1. Applicant's passport

2. Fill in the visa application form

3. 2-inch white background photos taken by the applicant within 6 months (6 photos)

4. The deposit certificate (bank statement) of the applicant's personal account in Thailand issued by the bank shall not be less than 800 thousand baht, or the original certificate of personal monthly income. If the bank deposit certificate is submitted, the bank shall issue the original letter of guarantee.

3. Business visa (if a customer enters China with a travel visa, he / she needs to change the travel visa into a business visa before changing into an endowment visa). If a spouse goes with him / her, but the spouse does not apply to the "0-A" long-term stay visa, he / she is considered to be a "0" temporary stay visa. A marriage certificate must be provided and notarized at the notary office.

5. No crime certificate, issued by the local police station (valid for 3 months), and notarized in the notary office.

Information to be prepared in Thailand:

1. A three-month bank deposit certificate of baht 800000 in Thailand's personal account (baht 800000 cannot be taken out after being frozen for three months) and a copy of the updated passbook, or the original of personal monthly income certificate.

2. Original and copy of passport (valid for more than 18 months, front page, visa page, entry page)

3. No crime Certificate (need to be certified by the Ministry of foreign affairs of Thailand)

4. Physical examination certificate issued by Thai hospital (valid for 3 months)

5. Proof of identity (if you have changed your name, you need to provide the corresponding change documents. If you have a Thai spouse and want to apply for a retirement visa, you need to provide a marriage certificate)

If you want to handle it, it is better to find a professional organization to handle it.

Note: the above mentioned need to have 800 thousand baht deposit certificate. If there is no Thai bank card, you need to open an account in time, remit 800 thousand baht to deposit for 3 months. After 3 months, go to the bank to issue the deposit certificate and update the deposit record.

If you do not have a Thai bank card, you can handle the following by yourself:

1. Some buy Thai real estate;

2. With Thai work permit;

If you are not familiar with the process, it is recommended to find an agent to handle additional purchase, which will save time.

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