Help: regret buying a house in Thailand?

Author:Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm Date:2020-03-27

If foreign investors do not fully understand the Thai market and invest blindly, they are likely to fall into the hidden trap. Recently, MDR accounting law firm has received a number of cases about disputes caused by foreigners buying houses in Thailand, such as fund-raising and investment scams, developers without EIA certificate becoming uncompleted projects, property right scams, developers or intermediaries taking money to run away, rent income and house price scams and so on. Therefore, we must be cautious when buying houses overseas.

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MDR takes charge of patriotic real estate disputes

For customers who regret buying a house in Thailand, MDR accounting law firm can provide legal consulting services and solutions, so that we can know the objective situation in time, help the police, and try to recover your losses; if you encounter a large amount of fraud, you can entrust MDR accounting law We will try our best to protect your rights and interests.

Buying a house in Thailand is actually a complicated process. It is necessary to analyze the market and the surrounding environment of the real estate, analyze the advantages and disadvantages, understand the laws and regulations for foreigners to buy a house / land in Thailand, and the compliance of real estate and developers. Therefore, before buying a house, we should do a comprehensive due diligence in a planned way. MDR accounting law firm can provide one-stop services for real estate sales and transfer. Lawyers can help you to avoid risks and unnecessary disputes in real estate transfer consultation, housing source investigation, and lawyers' review of contracts.

In addition, MDR accounting law firm also reminds buyers not to rush to pay the deposit before they see the real house, and not to make payment before any link is established in the contract.

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