How to register a 100% foreign-owned company in Thailand?

Author:Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm Date:2020-03-24

Foreign investors are allowed to apply for registration of Thai wholly foreign-owned companies only if they meet the specific industry requirements. Foreign directors can hold 100% of the shares. All foreign companies can include boi company and FBL company, among which boi company is a relatively popular investment structure.

The Thai investment and Trade Commission (BOI) is directly under the prime minister's office. It is mainly responsible for promoting foreign investment. Since 1954, the boi act has been promulgated to attract investment and protect the enterprises applying for boi. With the approval of the project, the boi company can obtain up to 15 years of enterprise income tax relief and other preferential tax policies. It can be allowed to enter the country for experts, skilled workers and their families and obtain work visa. The company is also allowed to own land.

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So how to set up boi company?

1. Submit boi application

2. Appointment for interview with boi officials

3. Collect the approved form and submit it to boi

4. Company registration + tax registration + bank account opening + capital injection

5. Submit a full set of registration materials and get boi certificate after capital verification

Applying for boi is to apply for an investment promotion certificate. The process is relatively long. If you are not familiar with the application materials and process, it will be a headache to apply for boi company. We have more than 10 years of experience in working with boi in Thailand, and we have a number of professional experts who work closely with boi officials to fully understand all the requirements and procedures required for a successful application. It can help you cope with the application process easily.

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