What are the legal restrictions for foreigners to buy houses in Thailand? What kind of real estate c

Author:Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm Date:2014-04-28

1、 Buy an apartment

Thailand is not a country of immigrants. The Thai government does not allow overseas people to hold Thailand's land property rights, that is, they can not directly buy Thai land and villas. Therefore, most foreigners buy apartments in Thailand, and Thailand has no restrictions on the number of houses purchased by foreigners in Thailand.

According to the relevant laws of Thailand, foreigners can buy Thai apartments in their own name with their passports. They have permanent property rights and are protected by Thai laws. Only 49% of the property rights of a project can be purchased by foreigners, and the remaining 51% should be purchased by Thais.

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2、 Purchase of land and villas

Register a joint venture company in Thailand to hold such a land with permanent property rights in the name of a Thai company Villas, which are legal and protected by law, have a registered capital of at least 1 million Thai baht. According to Thai law, a joint venture company should have more than one Thai shareholder, who holds more than 51% of the shares. These shareholders can find their own agents to help you. Foreigners can hold up to 49% of the shares and enjoy the sole signing right of the company. Registered companies need to provide a copy of their personal passport, sign a few words, and provide documents related to the registered company. The whole process can be completed in one month. The company does not need actual operation in the follow-up, as long as it is handed over to a professional accounting company for monthly accounting and tax declaration.

In the follow-up, a reputable lawyer can be employed to assist in the process, and the Thai shareholders can sign the equity transfer or equity surrender to the real owner of the company's shares. The document states that the Thai shareholders automatically give up all the voting rights and management rights of the company, so as to ensure that the foreign buyers have absolute control over the company and its assets. This agreement is protected by law.

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