How do foreigners Register Companies in Thailand?

Author:Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm Date:2020-03-11

Thailand's economy has been in the trend of rapid development. Development means that more market opportunities can be explored. Now it is in the golden age of foreign investment. If you want to carry out business in Thailand, you need to register formal Thai companies. What conditions do foreigners need to register companies in Thailand? What procedures need attention? According to many laws and regulations of Thailand, MDR accounting law firm will sort out the following key points of registered companies for you, and make some suggestions for helping more foreign entrepreneurs to make investment plans.

Taking foreign investment in Europe and America as an example, the types of companies that can be registered under certain conditions can be roughly divided into four categories

1、 Thailand joint venture

According to the law, when a company is registered, at least three natural persons are required to be the promoters, and these three natural persons can hold or not hold the shares of the company at the same time. However, at least one Thai shareholder is required, accounting for 51% of the shares, and foreign shareholders account for 49% of the shares at most. Registration of Thai joint venture does not limit the scope of business, so the registration time is short. The registered capital is at least 1 million baht, but one working visa quota is equal to every 2 million baht of registered capital plus four Thai employees. Therefore, if it is necessary to apply for foreigners' working visa in the future, it is necessary to carefully consider the standard. In addition, the registered capital also affects the tax issues after registration.

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What are the procedures for registering a Thai joint venture?

Firstly, the first step is to submit the company name to check whether it can be used, the second step is to determine the registration related matters, including address, business scope, registered capital, equity ratio, legal representative, etc., and the third step is to draft the articles of association and design the seal, which should be handled by MDR accounting law firm. There is no need to carve the seal by oneself, and the seal should be given away. The third step is to prepare the registration materials and submit them to the Ministry of Commerce.

After obtaining the business license of the company, if there is no need to apply for other business licenses, it can be formally operated.

It's not as easy to register a company overseas as it is in China. It needs to strictly abide by the foreign business law and other regulations. Otherwise, there will be many loopholes in the registered company. If it is handled by Mandarin, it can save you a lot of cumbersome procedures and complete the registration of Thai companies legally and efficiently.

2、 All foreign companies

All foreign funded companies can be divided into boi company and FBL company. After the application is approved, boi company enjoys preferential tax policies, which is one of the reasons to attract more investors to apply for boi. FBL is relatively more strict in its application.

Boi company has no rigid regulations on the composition of shareholders and can hold 100% foreign shares. However, there are requirements for the scope of business, so professional law firms are needed to inquire whether your business is within the category allowed by boi. MDR accounting law firm has a number of experienced senior lawyers who can carry out comprehensive boi application planning for investors.

Boi company is usually a large manufacturing enterprise, the application process is cumbersome and long. Its registered capital also needs to be drawn up according to the business scope, and different industries have different regulations.

The boi Investment Promotion Committee encourages Thailand's relatively scarce industries to apply for boi, such as high-tech industries and resource-saving industries. And increase preferential policies year by year to attract more investment. If you have any plans or questions about boi's application, you can contact Wenhua paralegal for interview.

3、 Branch Company

The scope of business of the company is limited, and the company's capital is at least 3 million baht.

4、 Thailand Office of foreign companies

Such companies can not have the nature of earnings, only deal with after-sales.

MDR accounting law firm has many years of experience in dealing with company registration officials and a professional registration team, which can complete registration matters for you efficiently. It can provide investors with one-stop service of Thailand investment consultation, feasibility investigation before investment, business investigation in Thailand, investment scheme setting and registration of Thai companies. If you have any questions, please visit us.

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