If you want to immigrate to Thailand, is there any simple and feasible way?

Author:Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm Date:2015-03-11

"I'm married, so I don't accept intermarriage immigrants, and I'm not a rich man. I just like the local conditions and customs of Thailand, so I want to immigrate. In the past, I wanted to open a hotel, make some foreign dishes, and receive people who are not used to Thai taste."

Thailand is a non immigrant country, and only 100 people get applications every year, so it is generally difficult to apply. And you are married, this situation is a little difficult to apply for, and it takes a long time. First of all, you have to have three years of personal monthly tax, three years of personal annual tax, three years of temple alms certificate, and the third year of Thai work permit application. If the above conditions are enough for three years, you can submit the permanent resident application. If the time is enough for five years, you can submit the Thai nationality application.

Therefore, you must first apply for a work visa, work permit in Thailand for 3 years, and obtain the above immigration conditions without marriage with Thai people.

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If you want to open a hotel, you can rent or buy the selected land and use it to build a hotel

First way:

Renting a land or a house is used to open a hotel. You have to apply for a business license and many other industry qualifications. The lease term can usually be up to 30 years and can be renewed. However, the renewal also depends on the wishes of the owners. It is difficult for you to renew the lease for a new 30 years legally. In case of disputes, Thai law does not help foreigners.

Second way:

Register a Thai company to buy land with permanent property rights in the name of the company, and then use it to build hotels. Thai land can not be purchased directly by foreigners, so it is necessary to register a company before buying land.

In order to register a joint venture company, at least three shareholders must hold 51% of the shares held by Thai shareholders according to Thai law. These shareholders can find or find an agency to help you. As a legal person of the company, you hold 49% of the shares of the company and have the sole right to sign the company. You need to provide a copy of your personal passport, sign a few words, and provide relevant documents of the registered company. The whole process is ordinary It can be finished in a month. After the company is registered, it will buy land in the name of the company, and then it will have to apply for a series of business licenses and get the approval of the land department before it can start to decorate the hotel. In addition, to open a hotel, you need to apply for a special industry license. The hotel has scale requirements, bed requirements, area requirements of each room, and security patrol duty at night.

Finally, you need to get a work visa and work permit. One foreign work permit quota = registered company capital of 2 million baht + four Thai employees, and pay social security for employees. If you are running a hotel, you also need to ask your aunt to clean the room. It should not be difficult to hire four. It also solves one of the conditions that you must have before you want to immigrate. You can pay taxes on time. After your hotel has been open for three years, you can submit an application for permanent resident. There is no simple way for Thai immigrants, because they are very strict. What I have said is the most feasible way.

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