How to apply for Thai visa?

Author:Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm Date:2013-06-20

There are many kinds of visa to Thailand, including long-term and short-term visa. The following categories are analyzed. First, the long-term visa mainly includes work visa / business visa / rich visa / pension visa / dependent visa. Next, please take notes:

1. Work visa

Preparation materials: original passport, 2-inch white background photos, original and copy of graduation certificate, original and copy of qualification certificate, copy of business license of Thailand company, invitation letter and visa application form

·Application for work visa

·Go to the consulate and submit relevant information

·Interview at the Consulate

·Get the visa and sign for confirmation

2. Business visa

Materials to be prepared: original passport, two two inch white background photos, photocopies of Chinese business license and duplicate, international health certificate and legal certificate issued by labor department, official seal of Chinese dispatch letter, invitation letter from inviting company, approval document from Thai foreign ministry to Thai Embassy in China.

Fill in 2 visa application forms

The above visa information shall be submitted to the consulate for acceptance.

3. Thai rich visa

Only need to provide passport, application form, will do 5 days of due diligence

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The first step: pay the immigration fee and submit the required documents to the Immigration Department of Thailand;

The second step is to pay the visa fee after obtaining the approval letter;

Step 3: after obtaining the card number, make an appointment to land in Thailand

4. Endowment visa

Preparation materials: passport, 3 visa application forms, 3 2-inch white background photos, a copy of 800 000 baht deposit certificate issued by the bank, the original bank guarantee letter, no crime Certificate (notarized), and physical examination certificate issued by Thai doctors

General process:

1. Prepare a crime free certificate

2. Open an account in a local bank in Thailand and deposit 800000 baht into the account

3. Medical certificate of Thailand hospital

4. Submit the information to the Immigration Department of Thailand for review

5. Thailand pension visa issued

6. Report to immigration every 90 days.

5. Dependent visa

Materials: two 1-inch color photos, money

You need to prepare materials in China:

1. Go to the local police station with the household register to apply for the proof of kinship

2. After the relatives' certificates are completed, they will be notarized in Thai in the place where they are notarized, and then the agency company will handle the double certification of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China and the Thai Embassy. It needs to be handled through an agency.

3. Apply for tourist visa to Thailand.

4. Prepare a complete set of application documents for work visa or study visa in Thailand

5. Take China's certificate of kinship to Thailand's Ministry of foreign affairs for certification. The Thai foreign ministry is next to the Thai immigration service.

Note: the copy of the relative certificate can be given to the immigration office, and the original can be kept. It can be used in the next visa application

6. Student visa

At present, Thailand is very strict in handling student visa, especially in language schools. Because it has been found that a large number of foreigners use student visa to work in Thailand, which is in violation of Thai law, the authorities often carry out strict checks, resulting in a number of language students unable to enter the country. If they really go to study, the Thai side will approve after verification.

Next, we will talk about the general public's short-term visa, mainly including:

1. Tourist visa

Preparation materials: original passport, 2 two inch white background color photos and repeated copies of ID card

Visa validity: 90 days stay: 30 days exit times: one time validity

Go to the Chinese Embassy with relevant materials

2. Landing sign

Material Science:

·Passport, entry-exit card (on the plane, ask the flight attendant for the entry-exit card (it's better to have more than one, to prevent filling in mistakes). The entry-exit card should contain the address during the period of being in Thailand. So, print a paper version of the hotel address in advance, so that you can copy it easily.

·Landing sign application form (it's better to print the landing sign application form in China in advance and find the corresponding template to fill in, which can save time, because mobile phones can't be opened on the plane.

Please fill in the detailed address and full name of the hotel in the column of "Thai accommodation address" on the landing visa application form and the entry exit card.

·4x6cm (white background) photo 1

·Boarding pass

·Confirm return ticket within 15 days

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